Ancient Hebrew Torah By Jeff A Benner

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"showMore">The first five books of the Hebrew Bible, called the Torah (a Hebrew word meaning "teachings"), are the foundation to the rest of the Bible. While there are many Torah books available, most of them use the square Aramaic script that is only about two thousand years old, but now, with the Ancient Hebrew Torah, the Torah can be read and studied through the original pictographic script from the time of Abraham and Moses. Each letter in this ancient script is a picture, where each picture represents a concrete idea. The Hebrew word often translated as "God," is a picture of an ox head, representing power, and a shepherd staff, representing authority. These two letters, when combined into a word, mean "one of power and authority." When the Torah is read from this perspective, the text comes to life.ABOUT THE AUTHORJeff A. Benner, founder of the Ancient Hebrew Research Center ( and the Mechanical Translation of the Hebrew Bible Project (, has authored many books on the subject of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet, language and culture and speaks around the country on this same subject. Mr. Benner's goal is to teach proper Biblical interpretation by providing others with the tools needed to read and understand the Bible from its original Hebraic context.

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