The Moon by Michael J. Carlowicz (Hardback)

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Product Description

Something about the Moon calls to us. Looming red and swollen as it rises, or shining with a silver glow high overhead, the Moon draws our attention like no other celestial object. As our nearest cosmic neighbor, it has been an object of worship, a source of myths, the subject of countless films, books and works of art and the focus of our first venture into outer space. It is a source of wonder for us in its many guises and phases, sizes and colors. Our sister Moon has always been something of an enigma, carrying with it an aura of mystery, all of which the author will explain as well as dispel with fun and fascinating facts culled from both basic science and the latest discoveries. Full of spectacular images, this book will lead the reader to a better understanding of how the Moon affects the earth physically, as well as how it has changed the course of humanity: our beliefs, our culture, our oceans and our science. In total, the book will cover the story of the Moon from its fiery and violent birth 4 billion years ago to the near future, when humans will stand on its dusty surface once again.

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